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81) Online Education Publishing Platforms
Flip HTML5 offers a powerful platform for individuals such as teachers to publish, host and sell online courses.

82) Online Poetry Publishing Platform
Flip HTML5 offers a solution for poets, writers and publishers to publish online poetry creations with superb experience.

83) Self Service Ipad Publishing Platforms
Flip HTML5 is the professional self publishing solution for Ipad users to publish books and realize a great e-learning experience anywhere at any time.

84) Flipbook Software
Useful Flipbook Software Reviews of Flip HTML5 to help you to enhance your page flipping much more.

85) Book Publishing Software for Mac
As one of best book publishing software for Mac, Flip HTML5 provides every publisher with a great chance to publish and reach more readers of their e-books at no cost.

86) Magazine Maker Online for Kids
As a flipping magazine publisher, FlipHtml5 allows kids to create attractive online magazines embedded with rich media and animation.

87) Digital Publishing Platform for iPad
Flip HTML5 is iPad publishing software that can help you create mobile ready digital publications for iPad, iPhone and other portable devices.

88) Online Newspaper Publishing Platform
Flip HTML5 is designed as a perfect online newspaper publishing platform and helps you to better publish and manage your digital publications online.

89) KoolShow
Html5 animation is easy with KoolShow multimedia authoring software. It is ideal for animated web pages, navigation buttons, and slideshows. It lets you combine and manipulate text, images, shapes, and sounds to create web pages using Html5 canvas.

90) EximiousSoft GIF Creator
EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a powerful GIF design tool, provides more than 40+ effects to build cool animations or impressive banners within short times, and provides painted tools to draw the smoothest vector graphics and bitmaps.

91) Honeycam GIF Maker
Honeycam is animated GIF, WebP, WebM maker and editor software. It allows users to capture their computer screen, YouTube videos, or media players and edit the captured images to make their own wonderful and funny GIFs.

92) Easy GIF Animator
Easy GIF Animator is a powerful yet easy to use app for creating and editing animated pictures, banners, buttons and GIF videos. You get extensive animation editing features, animation effects, superb image quality and file size reduction.

93) 3D Path Planner
3d path planner allows the generation of motion paths for your game, animation, or robot. Calculates target velocities, accelerations, forces, and times for any point along the target path. You can also define rotations.

94) Speaker
Text to speech reader. Easy to use, just type or paste in your text and click speak. Professional quality voices.

95) Awesome Animator
Easily create Flash animations, cartoons and title banners for your website or to share on YouTube. Also supports creation of Canvas HTML5 animations for the iPad and iPhone. Includes Special Wizards to create animated titles and rigged characters.

96) Active GIF Creator
With Image Tools Group Active GIF Creator you can create fabulous animated GIF images (banners, buttons, and other graphics) for the Web. You can even make movies with pictures created by internal image editor or any image editing program.

97) MakeGIF
MakeGIF creates animated GIFs from command line in batch mode. You can use pictures created by MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop and dozens of others programs. MakeGIF has optimization tools for making your GIFs smaller. You can add hidden signatures to GIF.

98) 3DGame3D GIF Animator
3DGame3D GIF Animator is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export Animated GIFs. Create professional looking Animated GIFs with ease.

99) Falcogames Falco GIF Animator
Falco GIF Animator is a Graphics Tool to create, edit and export Animated GIFs. Create professional looking Animated GIFs with ease.

100) Mirror Reality: Aging
Mirror Reality: Aging is an innovative entertainment app based on Luxands latest development in real-time face recognition and morphing. Think of it as a digital mirror. You look at a webcam and see yourself transformed on the monitor as you watch.

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