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561) SynciOS for Mac
Free iPhone/iPod/iPad manager for Mac users. Full freedom to transfer music, videos, contacts, photos, bookmarks, notes and more from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes Library & Mac. Extract photos, contacts and more from iTunes backup to Mac.

562) HDD Recovery Pro
Recover information from all kinds of corrupted, formatted or inaccessible storage media. Supporting FAT, NTFS, ext2,3,4 file systems from under Windows, HDD Recovery Pro uses the most sophisticated recovery algorithms.

563) Perfect Tool to Repair BKF File
Extract BKF file content on your system after complete recovery with the perfect tool to repair BKF file which can be downloaded for FREE in demo version.

564) Restore Windows XP Backup Files Free
Do you want to know to restore Windows XP backup files in Windows 7? Just try BKF recovery tool which can repair corrupted Windows backup files and restore Windows XP backup files in Windows 7 without losing any data.

565) Repair BKF Files Freeware
BKF file repair is the best dependable program can Repair BKF Files freeware from corrupt BKF file corrupted due to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown, NTbackup.exe failure.

566) Recovery Mechanic
Undelete files and folders from FAT and NTFS disks! Recovery Mechanic makes it possible to recover all types of files from healthy, damaged and even inaccessible media such as hard drives, flash memory, SSD drives, memory cards, and digital cameras.

567) XP Backup Restore Tool
Use XP Backup restore tool is splendid Windows XP backup utility to restore XP backup files from any corruption issue. Windows backup recovery tool restore Windows XP backup file crated using NTBackup.EXE, VERITAS Backup Exec or any other solution.

568) Solution for Corrupt BKF Files
MS backup recovery tool is an efficient and effective solution for corrupt bkf files. By using this bkf recovery utility user can safely fix corrupt bkf and restore backup data.

569) Can I Repair My Backup Files
Issue raised by users is that How can I repair backup files to complete the process of XP backup restore on system and the problem is solved with the BKF file repair tool which can repair corrupt bkf files without any data loss.

570) Magic Partition Recovery
Recover lost information, repair broken partitions and rebuild damaged and missing file systems in fully automated mode. Magic Partition Recovery carefully recovers your files and reconstructs the partition system structures based on available data.

571) Total Photo Recovery
Total Photo Recovery software recovers deleted photo and video files.

572) Basefolder
basefolder is an online data storage service that allows you to remotely access files from anywhere.

573) DPhoto Recovery
Recover lost or deleted digital pictures from all types of media. With D-Photo Recovery, you can salvage digital pictures and RAW files from formatted or corrupted memory cards, hard disks, SSD drives, USB flash drives and digital cameras.

574) Advanced Windows Download Drivers
Advanced Windows Download Drivers enables scan the entire computer's drivers, copy and save them into different folders, just to make sure you'll be able to use them again in case you decide to reinstall Windows system on your PC.

575) HDD Mechanic
HDD Mechanic is a fully featured tool for recovering data and repairing damaged hard drives in Windows. Fully guided operation and automated recovery make HDD Mechanic the perfect data recovery solution for homes and small offices.

576) MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS
MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is a piece of iOS data recovery software. This tool supports recovering lost data, like photos, messages/imessages, contacts, call history, notes and etc files from iPhone (or other iOS devices), iTunes and iCloud.

577) Unable to Open BKF File
BKF repair tool is an embedded with advanced features and technology that help in a fast & a reliable way to repair the corrupted BKF file in Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 when you are unable to open BKF files.

578) File Uneraser
RaidLabs File Uneraser unerases files which were deleted, including documents, pictures, mp3 and zip files, folders and even damaged disks. The program scans a target drive absolutely automatically and selects the right solution for file unerase.

579) NTBackup Repair Software for Windows 7
Get Windows 7 NTBackup repair software is the best solution to repair corrupted Windows XP Backup file & also restore Windows XP backup file in Windows 7 without any interruption.

580) Best Windows Backup Recovery Tool
Simply recover Windows backup file and restore BKF file in Windows 8 by using this best Windows backup recovery tool. You can effortlessly fix and open bkf file after getting error in MS backup database.

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