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 Why should you use UnReader, and what you can do with UnReader?I believe everyone will encounter this problem, I have some more privacy or confidential files, do not want others to see, and hoping to find an encryption and decryption tool.After encryption, These files can not be readable if without decryption.UnReader can well meet your need, and it is easy to use. You can encrypt multiple files at one time, the encrypted result will be a text file or a string, which have the ability of easy transfer, and you can copy it to your blog, website, document and anywhere. How UnReader Works?UnReader complete the encryption need three steps, they are:The first step: UnReader will compress all the file .Step Two: encrypted compressed files with the given password.The third step: translate the encrypted file into a text file.  Key Features Reliable & Safety It protects information against being viewed or modified without your authorization. The reliable and secure Unreader algorithm (AES-256) is used for data encryption and passwords are saved within the encrypted files. This makes the encryption very secure and easy to use Easy To Use You can just select the files you want to be protected, and then select a password, click the encryption button at the final. It is so easy to use. Easy to spread. The Encrypted is just text or strings, it's easy to spread. After you encrypted you files, you may got the output: some unreadable strings or text, then you can post these text to you blog or email it to your friends, or just store it in anywhere on your computer. Can protect multiple files at once Unreader can protect multiple files at once, you just need to select multiple files as usual Support Large Files Unreader support large files. It may protected it as a unreadable text file.

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